“Never play to the gallery.”
― David Bowie

Hello, m​y name is ​Carly and I live in South Wairarapa, a beautiful rural community in New Zealand.

I am Photographer, Creator, Educator, and advocate for mental health and the arts. I am currently studying Art Therapy and am deeply interested in human potential and greatness. I love to challenge perspectives, and empowering others to follow their dreams.

I Love…

• Tenacity. People who are fierce about pursuing their passions.
• People who who move against the grain and colour outside the lines.
• Ordinary and imperfect things.
• Light + Shadows.
• Books. Real ones. Give me the tangible over the digital any day.
• Whanau. People. Community. Collaborations.
• Growing food.
• The forest and the ocean.
• And of course, making art and documenting stories.

If you are interested in my work or would like to book a space in an upcoming workshop, please send me a MESSAGE or for updates, follow me on FACEBOOK.

Image credit: Centre Whisky + the Moon