Brooke Thompson. Dancer.

“I train from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and 12:30 to 6pm on Saturdays. Then I do my Year 12 study via distance education around that. It’s definitely tough juggling both. Finding time for everything. You always get asked to do stuff… but dance always comes first.

If you had of asked me a year ago I would have said I was going to be a classical dancer. I NEVER imagined not doing ballet. But as I grew, I just kept getting taller and taller. Now I’m 176cm and my body doesn’t suit ballet, so I had to start thinking about what else I could be doing. Now I’ve shifted into Contemporary and Jazz, I LOVE it!!! And I feel comfortable and free in my own skin again.

That’s one of the reasons Misty Copeland is my dance idol. She has been able to overcome knock backs, from once being labeled as having ‘the wrong body for dance’, to now being one of the most successful female principal artists of her time. I really admire her for that. And for her strength and power.”

“When I dance it feels like nothing can touch me. It’s the satisfying feeling of letting go, and letting your body take over.

Dance has taught me a lot about myself; it teaches you your limitations, but also shows you your strengths. You find out what you are truly made of with the help of dance.

I think the biggest fear for me though, is knowing you can put everything on the line; your heart, your soul, your energy, your time, your body; and it just might not be enough. Knowing that one day you may have to live without it.

That’s a risk we all take in this industry… but then success means so much more.”

Thank you Brooke.

Shot on Mamiya C330. Film stock Kodak Portra 160 (pushed) + TriX 400.
Developed + Scanned by RICHARD PHOTO LAB