Conny Van Lint. Artist.

“I’m one of six children. Quality time with my mum wasn’t always possible, but the special times I do remember were having a coffee together. Being European I was allowed to drink coffee at a very young age, so I quickly became Mum’s coffee buddy while drawing at the dining table. Mum loved my drawings and encouraged me to enter in every drawing competition possible. I won so many competitions! The best prize was a trip to Disneyland at the age of twelve, but the most useful was a big box of oil paints which allowed me to start painting.

At the age of fifteen our family migrated to the other side of the world, which I think made my need for art even more important, as verbal communication was hard. Being an adolescent and not being able to communicate in an intelligent way felt demeaning and establishing identity became difficult. I excelled in art at school though, and this gave me credibility. I was also lucky to have a fantastic art teacher, so my pathway into adulthood had no other alternative, it had to be art.

I’ve always looked at the world in an aesthetic way. Everything I see becomes an analysis of colour, texture, line, shape, composition, contrast, balance etc. I do this naturally and automatically. I prefer to approach my visual expression in an unplanned way, and this usually means that most of my work ends up in the bin. For me art is about the process, visual problem solving, and journey of expression and emotion.

I enjoy experimenting with different media especially with sculpture; my latest art works were WIRE SCULPTURES. I’m a very tactile person, so I need to feel, touch and see what I’m doing. If something is a step by step procedure with strict guidelines I loose interest very quickly. I’m definitely not suited to routine work environments, I would go crazy in an office!

I’m very lucky to have fallen into painting backdrops, painting my first and starting SIDESHOW BACKDROPS in September 2014. Although the artistic journey is limited, I am painting in my own style, I go through a visual problem solving process with each backdrop, I work in my own space and time frame, and I’m able to earn an income from painting alone, which is rare for an artist.

Covering myself in plaster for this portrait made me feel a bit like a child again, just having fun. I think the sense of fun shows in the image.
I love the light subtle tones, the contrast of the plaster against the lace and my skin. It’s when you’re just doing, making and creating for no specific reason, that’s when magic happens!”

Thank you Conny for your creativity and openness. And for making a mess with me.
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Backdrop featured painted by Conny herself. Commissions via SIDESHOW BACKDROPS
Shot on Nikon F100 + 35mm Kodak Portra 160 film pushed.
Developed + Scanned by RICHARD PHOTO LAB