Kira. Inked.

“I was always the ugly weird kid. All my life. It’s only been since traveling last year that I started to feel good about myself. I think I am starting to see it. Maybe. I think what’s even bigger though, is I like my imperfections. Before I straight up hated them… and I inadvertently hated myself because of them. It’s weird, I kinda like me now.”

Tell me more about your tattoos?

“I remember sitting on the steps of some suburban tattoo parlor as a toddler whilst my mum was getting tattooed. It is one of my earliest memories in life. I still remember thinking, even back then, “I want LOTS of these.. I want to be around here all the time”.

I started getting tattooed as soon as I turned 18, and have been steadily getting more and more as the bank account allows. I have some silly ones, some old ones, some dodgy ones… but not one that I regret. They all make me “ME”. They all tell a story, they all have their meanings.

My sleeve contains a mixed variety of imagery. It is my little ode to old styled tattooing. The classic Koi, a Star, a Web, but with my own personal touches. Like my little Koi, Lloyd. I drew him to be a “skele-koi”. You can see his ribs and his head is a skull. I also have a big twisted tree, which is my little family tree. All weird and crazy, but flowering and beautiful at the same time. The whole sleeve still has a fair bit of shading to go. Until it is complete, I will still feel a little incomplete.

Performing in a ‘Freakshow’ for years and years led to my Subdermal Implants. I had many piercings and tattoos already, so I was already incredibly in love with Body Modification.

I used to see implant work, scarification and things like split tongues on the ‘net, so when the opportunity came up to get some work done by the highly respected and talented LUNA COBRA – I jumped at it. We sat there for a couple of sessions and messaged back and forth, coming up with something unique, and agreeing on sizing and placement.

I’ve had my horns for almost 9 years now. I get a lot of responses. Some negative, mostly curious. I try not to let the negativity get to me as most of it’s stupidly unfounded – like saying “Good luck getting a job”, and calling me really offensive derogatory terms. I’ve always worked, most amusingly in quite high end roles, like senior Graphic Designer for a national company, or Stage Management. It only occasionally gets to me, like when I am already feeling down about things, or if I feel self conscious. But it passes.

Everyday I strive to be a good respectable person. At the end of the day I know who I am, and I like me. With or without the weird mods.

I’m just a little decorated.”

Thank you Kira.

Shot on Mamiya C330. Film stock Kodak TriX 400.
Developed + Scanned by RICHARD PHOTO LAB