Tom Wooler. Inked.

“When I was born, I wasn’t expected to survive. And because of what happened, I’ve always been told by my parents to go for what I want in life… to dream big. So for my first tattoo, I had the words “Keep Your Dreams Alive” written across my chest.

I’ve always felt so different from everyone else, like I never really fit in. And even though I struggle pretty hard with depression and anxiety, I really just want to live how I want to live; where there is nothing holding me down. Music helps. It’s is the biggest thing for me, so when I feel down I put on stuff that will pump me up until I feel like a fire is inside of me, then I get goose bumps and I feel alive again.

My biggest goal is to travel. I want to work overseas, but also to help people through the same kinda things I’ve been through; helping kids with depression, anxiety, and stroke victims.”

“The story behind my arm tattoo?

The wolf is me. My friends call me Werewolf Wooler. I’ve always liked Wolves, and I have my own wolf pack – my friends are my world.

Then I got the angel on my left side, as my left hand is my guardian angel. And the Medusa Day of the Dead girl is for everyone I loose in life, that’s why she is crying. I lost my Dad’s parents a couple of years ago too, and just wanted to show my appreciation.

And my knuckle tattoos. They are from a Silverstein song called ‘I am the Arsonist’. They were one of the first bands that I loved in the emo screamo alternative music world. And I have always loved fire; it’s energy its powerful it can warm us or burn us, you just need to know how to hold it.

Then recently I got Northlane lyrics tattooed under my arm “I’ll carve my own name into this earth” as in I will leave myself behind in some way.

Next I’m adding a leg piece; my family Coat of Arms.”

Thank you Tom.