Carly Webber - Portraits of Keziah Stonnell with Tetralogy of Fallot

Keziah Stonnell. Tetralogy of Fallot.

“When I was a newborn baby I was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot which is a heart condition that means that the aorta was too small and the ‘wall’ separating the left and right ventricle has a hole in it – mine was completely missing. This meant that my oxygenated blood would mix with the non-oxygenated blood causing me to collapse often. Luckily this was all pretty much fixed when I was 9 months old and the only reminders I have of my condition are my scar and my unusual heartbeat.

I had always struggled with body positivity and feeling beautiful. If I could go back in time I think I would tell baby me to love her scar and make sure she/I grew up feeling as strong and confident as I finally do now.”

“My dream has always been to get into acting and make a name for myself doing that. I have been a performer since I was young and I’ve always been passionate about singing and acting… and just being onstage in general. Last year I finished high school and yeah living in the Wairarapa was limiting in terms of branching out or having a range of opportunities for pursuing that industry. Luckily though I got to be involved in the performance side of Kuranui College – which often took us to national Shakespeare competitions to perform in front of hundreds of people. That thrill is just so amazing and is a feeling I never want to let go of.”

Living in Wellington, in the ‘big smoke’ this year has made it easier to get involved with more acting and singing, and at least slightly get my foot in the door. I am planning to travel, see the world and go back to the UK to visit my extended family one day. I’m working full time in an attempt to put some money away for flights. It’s been a roller coaster ride the last few months – going from being surrounded by my family every day to not seeing them much because of work has been tough. I guess it’s good practice for when I do finally take off.”

Thank you Keziah.

Hair & Make-Up by WIGOUT
Handpainted Backdrops by SIDESHOW BACKDROPS

Shot on Mamiya C330 with Kodak TriX 400 & FujiFilm 400H
Film Developed + Scanned by INDIE FILM LAB