“Never play to the gallery.”
― David Bowie

With a knowledge of digital & film photography, a compulsive interest in human potential, and inspired by my talented subjects, I create beautiful portraits and marry them with honest and deeply personal stories of passion and tenacity.

My emotive series #WHYI introduces you to some amazing humans, including dancers, artists, leaders, lovers, fighters, creatives, and entrepreneurs; sharing their experiences and uncovering their intimate and unstoppable reasons for pursuing passion and living life to their fullest.

A passionate storyteller, educator, marketer and dot-connector, the magic really lies in the stories. I love bringing people together behind the scenes, opening new doors, offering new perspectives, and creating new opportunities that people may not have otherwise had.

I also teach lighting, film photography and storytelling in small workshops and am available to speak to audiences about my personal experiences with mental health, disabilities and the catharsis of connection, creativity, and self expression.

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Image credit: Centre Whisky + the Moon